52 Reasons I Love You: Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Here is copy of the Terms and Conditions you will receive when downloading the template.

Note: by purchasing the template you are entering a legally binding agreement to abide by the following Terms Of Use


Thank you for purchasing the “52 Reasons I Love You” template. The content of this template is the joint intellectual property of Lowri McNabb and Cosmo Cricket and is protected by U.S. and international intellectual property laws. It is provided to you for your own personal use and by downloading the template you have agreed to the following terms.

Personal Use
By purchasing and downloading this template, you have agreed that you will not copy, reproduce, alter, modify or redistribute its contents. You may use the template to create projects for yourself, but they must not be sold and the template must not be redistributed (see below)

No Redistribution
You may not reproduce, repackage or reproduce the contents of this template, in whole or in part for any reason. You may neither give away or sell all or part of this template.

No Commercial Use
This download may not be used for commercial purposes. You may NOT use the template provided to create products and sell them. If you would like to do this – please contact Lowri McNabb (see below). You may not use the template for projects or pre-made pages for publication or sale to anyone or claim them as your own work
Any use of the template that infringes upon the intellectual property rights of Lowri McNabb and Cosmo Cricket, or that is for commercial purposes, will be investigated and the owners shall have the right to take appropriate civil and criminal legal action.