52 Reasons I Love You: FAQ & Support
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FAQ & Support

Here are the answers to the most common problems that people have with the template. If you have a question please read through here first before emailing - the main reason being that I am in New Zealand and there may be up to an 6 hour time delay before I see your email.

Payment and Download Problems
I paid but I didn't receive an e-mail with the download URL?
The email with the download url is sent within seconds of your payment being processed. It is all automatic BUT remember - the email is sent to the email associated with your PayPal account. If you have changed your email address and no longer have access to it - just email me here and I can forward the template directly to you.
It seems that the email occasionally ends up in SPAM - most noticeably with people that have an AOL email address - please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive the email immediately after paying - or see above regarding your PayPal email address.

I have tried to download but now I have tried 3 times the download link has expired?
The most common reason for this is that your firewall is blocking the download. The solution - email me here and I will send you the template direct as an email attachment

I have paid with PayPal and have been told the payment is pending?
This seems to happen if you pay via e-check with PayPal - there is a 4-5 day holding period for the funds, and the download link is only sent when the e-check clears. No problem - I can see the payment is pending and if you don't want to wait - email me here and I will email you the template and let you know if there are any problems with the payment

Opening the Template Problems
Once you have downloaded your file - it will be called "PaperVine 52 Reasons Template" or "PaperVine 52 Reasons PowerPoint. It is a zip file. The zip file (or strictly speaking zip folder) contains the files you need - and you have to unzip it.
For Mac users - this process should happen automatically
For Windows users - you should be able to right click on the file (once downloaded to your hard-drive) and click "Extract All". Windows then created a windows folder (generally in the same sub folder that you have saved the zip file - though you can specify any location) where you can save the files. If you do not have this option in Windows - you probably have an older version of Windows and should google search to find out how you can unzip files with your operating system.

Using the Template Problems
HELP - I bought the template - what do I do now!

Hints for readers who have bought the jpeg files.
If you need a little helping hand on how to use the template - don't stress! If you need help I make the base assumption that you will not be using a picture editing program like Photoshop but will be using Powerpoint. I do not recommend using WORD and I cannot offer support to those trying to do so. It is way too hard to try and do using text boxes. 
See here on youtube or click the video below to see a quick tutorial on how to create the reasons using Powerpoint.

Hints for readers who have bought the Powerpoint files.
I can't think of any hints you may need - it's SO simple. If issues do come up after the launch of this product in January 2013 - I will certainly add them to this list

I can honestly say that ALL the enquiries I have had since launching the template are answered here - but if a new one comes up - I will add that too!

Please email me with any comments or points you think should be addressed here.

Please note this document is a work in progress. I will be adding to it should users experience more common problems.